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Refugee situation in Salzbergen

Opening hours migration and refugee work


Monday 08:30 to 12:00
Thursday 14:00 to 16:00 (SKM; Michael Limbers)
Friday 08:30 to 12:00
and by arrangement


Town hall, room number 6


The offers are aimed at migrants and refugees, who are accommodated in the Salzbergen area.


The offer of talks as well as the refugee welfare work on the ground are carried out by Teresa Kauke of the Kolping Bildungswerk and Michael Limbers of SKM Lingen e.V.


Networking with the voluntary support of migration and refugee aid is guaranteed.


Teresa Kaucke, phone: 05976-9479-53
Michael Limbers, phone 0591-9124669

community administration


Contact for questions about the refugee situation in the community administration:


Frank Stegemann, phone: 05976-9479-28.
Britta Schröder, phone: 05976-9479-15


Logo des Internationalen Freundeskreises e.V.

International Friendship Association Salzbergen (Internationaler Freundeskreis Salzbergen)


Contact details:


Internationaler Freundeskreis Salzbergen
Mara Schulten
Schüttorfer Straße 89
48499 Salzbergen


Board members:


Mara Schulten (Vorsitzende)
Monika Rotermann (stellvertretende Vorsitzende)
Cristina Landwehr (Kassenwartin)
Manfred Buers (Schriftführer)
Tobias Weber (1. Beisitzer)
Monika Dieckmann (2. Beisitzerin)

Jan Ali Abbassi (3. Beisitzer)
Gerrit Buers (4. Beisitzer)   


You can find more information about the International Friendship Association here>>